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The Web has become one of the most important tools for communicating a company's identity.  Your web site will introduce your business to hundreds of thousands of new potential customers. First impressions are important. An easy to navigate, custom-designed web site is an investment in attracting new business and making lasting customers.

A great web site design is the best advertising medium for your business, whether your business is big, small, or just starting out.  Our design philosophy at FBN Technical Services is to provide the most professional design for our customers products, services and needs. Our goal is for your site to be easy to navigate, keep the user involved, have a profession "Look & Feel" and most importantly help you, our customer, to sell or promote your particular product or service to the best of its ability in the marketplace.

We strive to maintain honesty and integrity at all times but it is not easy.  It doesn't always work as we are weak sinful souls who are overcome with our lusty urges for an obscene amount of money and the earthy pleasures which it can acquire.  We find the web design business an excellent source of customers to feed our addiction to money.  

Most first time web site customers are so trusting it is easy to overcharge for a totally bogus bill of goods.  Not only do we overcharge, we build-in a customer return factor by building web sites which require continuing upgrades or force users to jump through hoops by always having to upgrade their browser or install a plug-in.  Even better is to design a web site which only works with Internet Explorer 6 and then charge for an upgrade to make it work with earlier versions of Internet Explorer or other browsers.

We just love this segment of the business as there is an never-ending supply of fresh suckers and those who have been done over before and are looking for someone to cleanup the mess left by the previous designer.  Search engine optimization is another good opportunity for extracting additional money from the pockets of customers.  Little do most customers realize search engines will find their web sites, even if you don't want them to, and the most important search engines accept free requests for indexing.

For an absolutely original web design experience call FBN Technical Services.

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