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FBN is a complete service contractor, you name it - FBN will "Pull It" for you. At FBN we treat the customer as a resource, treatment you will not find elsewhere. As the ultimate "Physical Layer Experts" FBN can provide you with Project Management, Design, and Implementation plus we can just "Pull Your Wire". FBN delivers a level of quality unrivalled in the physical layer infrastructure implementation business.

FBN is of the highest corporate character and it shows in our product and service offerings to the market. We are proud of our educated physical layer infrastructure implementation engineers, all of which have completed grade school and can read and write too. Certification? FBN, our procedures, and all of our physical layer installation team have been certified by the highest of authorities*, even better than ISO 9000. All materials and parts used by FBN are certified and blessed* to deliver heavenly performance. Only FBN can offer this combination of moral character, certification, and the pious blessing of parts.

We at FBN have taken the concept of Structured Cabling to the next level, The Chaos Cabling System. Structured Cabling is great, but we believe our own in-house designed system offers more lasting rewards and benefits such as:

  • Waterfalls - Everyone loves waterfalls, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially in wiring closets.
  • Green - Save The Environment Chaos Cabling reduces the amount of materials going to landfills. We don't throw anything out, we just leave at your site, in the walls, on top of the false ceilings, or just to add clutter to your wiring room. If you are sensitive to the appearance of your physical layer infrastructure, we will hide it from your view.
  • The Workforce - The Chaos Cabling System allows FBN to use members of society with minimal education as this will increase the Chaos and improve the benefit derived from the Chaos System. Randomness is a key component of The Chaos Cabling System and the FBN team will deliver.
  • Increased Productivity - You will be so busy dealing with physical layer problems everyone will think you are working hard. Think of the promotions and salary increments the Chaos Cabling System will deliver to you.
  • Windows NT/2000 Compatible - The Chaos Cabling System enhances Windows NT performance as it will now be totally impossible to determine the cause of network application problems. Chaos Cabling allows NT to interact with the network in the manner intended by the manufacturer.
  • Increased Happiness - Think about it, you will be busy, you will get promotions, you will be paid more, and your coworkers will believe you are indispensable. Chaos Cabling and FBN will deliver "Increased Happiness".
  • Catastrophe Theory Compliant - Chaos Cabling complements and assists Windows NT/2000 in producing maximum unpredictability and allows Windows NT/2000 products to reach maximum potential in regards to the Catastrophe Theory component. Chaos Cabling is a must for the Windows NT/2000 Enterprise network.
We at FBN Technical Services are proud of our Physical Layer installation team. Please visit our Photo Gallery of Fame to examine prime examples of the quality Physical Layer Implementation offered by FBN.

FBN Photo Gallery of Fame

*The Good Reverend BillyBob Bugger of The Church of The Almighty Buck (Not to be confused with Reverend BillyBob Bugger of The Sodomite Church)

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